Calamity Jane Strikes Again

This is the first in a series of personal stories about how life has jumped up and bitten me in the butt.  I hope you find some humor in my disasters.  Feel free to laugh because all is well that ends well. 

So, I'm trying to be a good neighbor and give my old dog cage to a neighbor in need. I know that my basement door will auto lock so as a precaution, just in case I forget how to turn off auto lock, I unlock and leave ajar my back door.

After struggling to drag this huge metal dog cage around my yard and out my gate I saunter back to enter my home. Auto lock ON. No problem I will go in the back door. The iron screen door, which we NEVER lock, is locked. 

So yea. I'm locked out. I walk around the house praying to find a window that someone maybe forgot to lock and I see the holy grail! My son's bedroom window is not just unlocked but, it's OPEN!

OK normally I would be furious about this because I've told him a million times not to leave that window open because it's on the front side of the house where all the criminals who drive by can see.

But this time I will hug him when he gets home.

Now, I need a ladder. I walk down the street looking for a man. Yep, ask every man I see and no one has a tall ladder. Then I tell my story to a woman who happens to be walking by and to my surprise she's the only person in the neighborhood with a tall ladder.

So, I wrangle two men, one with a pick up truck and send these strange men to this strange lady's house to get her ladder. When they return one of them climbs up and in through the window to rescue this damsel in distress.

Funny story, I send this, in an email, to my boss.  She says, “You should write a blog”.