The New Definition of Nude

I remember the day when I had to wear pantyhose. was sad. Not only were they uncomfortable but they were also ill fitting. Either the legs were too short with the crotch stretching tightly between your thighs, somewhere below it's intended placement point, or the legs fit but the waste band was too big so they slid down as you walked, causing you to constantly grab at your midsection and pull them up. And if that wasn't bad enough they only came in three shades nude/beige, tan or off black. The names varied by brand but, they were all pretty much the same. A few brands expanded their selection by adding white, black and a darker brown, sometimes called coffee. None of these colors ever matched anyone's actual skin color. Sorry I got off on a tangent. I started this post to talk about the color nude.

This is my fifth attempt at this particular post. I previously came up with what I thought were great discussion points but, they all eventually got deleted for some reason or other. 

The whole point is that basically nude has become the new black for "fashion girls" but, no one really knows what the color nude is. Is it more of a soft pink with a hint of beige, light tan, mocha or is it all of these and more?

If you really think about it the word nude means naked, right? So the color nude, should be very close to the skin color of the wearer, giving the appearance that she is not wearing anything at all. So, that would mean that nude to me would be a different color than nude to someone else. 

My pantyhose story was an example of the fact that for many years designers didn't get it right. They didn't understand this or maybe they did but, simply refused to acknowledge it.  Maybe it was the cost of manufacturing a wider range of colors. Maybe it was because they didn't see their target consumer as multicultural. Who knows.

But today's designers, fashion houses, beauty companies and textile manufacturers understand this and they are all reaping the benefits of the "nude boom". Everywhere you look someone is wearing it. Instagram and Pinterest are flooded with photos of everything you can imagine in every shade of nude possible and I love it. 

My favorite example of the current state of the color nude is this photo from Christian Louboutin showing his ballet flat in various shades of nude and the colors are truly "nude" on the models' feet.      

Photo Credit: US Magazine, Sofia et Mauro

Photo Credit: US Magazine, Sofia et Mauro

Oh how I love Christian. He does everything right.
Yes, we are on a first name basis because, in my head, we are friends. Great friends. The type of friends who FaceTime  each other when they can't decide which shoe to wear with an outfit. The type of friends who are the first to comment "beautiful" or "slay" on every selfie post. Yea, CL, is my boo. 

But, I digress, back to the nudes. I enlisted my friend Linda LaRosa, owner of Shop Sixty Five, Lucky Magazine's pick as one of the best boutiques in the country, to show us some of this seasons best styles in various shades of nude.

Linda is a former NYC celebrity stylist and Shop Sixty Five is located in Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square.

For prices and details contact:  Shop Sixty Five 1921 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA  (267)-239-5488

For prices and details contact:

Shop Sixty Five 1921 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA  (267)-239-5488