I Won! This Is How I Maserati Contest

I am like the 99% of people in the world who never win anything.  But, this time I actually won a prize.  I guess the saying "You can't win if you don't play" is true. 

Back in February I received an email from Mazerati.  It was an announcement of a campaign called "This is how I Maserati".  It was easy to enter, just click a link.  And the qualifications were pretty simple "Tell us your Maserati story".  So, I did.  The registration page said they would be drawing a name and giving away a prize each week.

A few weeks later I received another email.  This time from Jim Ellis Maserati of Atlanta and it said I had won a prize.  In fact I was the first prize winner in the contest.  They gave me a link to the Maserati catalogue.  OOooh La La were those items amazing.  But...they also gave me a limit. 

I searched that catalogue about 10 times trying to find something that I really loved that fit into the budget they gave me.  I had no luck.  That's because I had already seen the gift I wanted and nothing else would compare.  So, I emailed them back and told them my dilemma.  I offered to pay the extra money to cover the total price of the gift I really wanted.  To my surprise they said, "No need, we will give you the gift you want. What is it?" 

OK, I won't keep you in suspense.  Click the link below to view my unveiling of the Maserati prize I won. Thanks Jim Ellis Maserati!