Period Panties? Dis Too Merch...

This is either the most genius of ideas or the craziest.  I haven’t quite figured out which one yet.  <Insert Public Service Announcement> Guys, you should probably tune out because this is not an article that will give you any great Valentine’s Day gift ideas.  In fact, this article is more likely to make you wonder what’s going on down under in a way that is not at all comfortable. 

OK so, here is the scoop.  These panties claim to hold up to two tampons worth of blood.  They also claim to keep you dry for up to 10 hours, even on your heaviest flow days.  That’s the general description but, all of the customer testimonials that I have read describe the wearer’s experience in tampon size.  Most say that the panties kept them dry for 10 hours on days when they would normally use two super tampons.  I did a little research and on average, a super tampon will hold up to 10 ml of blood.  That’s two teaspoons full.  WOW.  I have questions.

So, women are walking around with somewhere between one and two teaspoons full of blood soaked in their panties and they feel dry?  Even if that is true, and I do not doubt that it is but, what about the smell?  I mean wet diapers keep babies dry but, they still smell like urine.  And no matter how much perfume and deodorizer they infuse into the material of sanitary napkins, well, you get the picture.

Listen, I’m not knocking it.  As a matter of fact, after thinking it over and doing the research I think it’s a genius idea.  I actually do but, I am not sure it is something that I would want to try.  If you, however, are tired of carrying tampons in your bag and making multiple trips to the restroom to check for leakage the name of the brand is Thinx.  You can order them, or at least find out more about them, on their website

Until next time Fashionistas reste beau!