Girl’s Trip

It’s funny how things come full circle.  As a teen it seemed that my friends were the most important thing in my world.  Sometimes even more important than my family.  Then we grew older and some of us grew apart.  Our friendships were still in tact, just distanced.

Periodically we re-united for weddings and baby showers.  As the years passed our visits were reduced to graduations and funerals.  Once all the kids graduated we didn’t see each other unless someone died.  This was a sad state of affairs, in more ways than one.  So, we decided to do something about that.  2018 became the year of the friends.  #FullCircle 

January was school spirit month because Oklahoma was supposed to play in the national championship game.  That didn’t work out the way we planned but, we made the best of it.  Atlanta nights are the best nights!  Now we are in March.  March is “Girl’s Trip 2018”.  We are having so much fun here in Aruba that we have decided this is happening every year.  

Hey Africa, see you soon!

I Won! This Is How I Maserati Contest

I am like the 99% of people in the world who never win anything.  But, this time I actually won a prize.  I guess the saying "You can't win if you don't play" is true. 

Back in February I received an email from Mazerati.  It was an announcement of a campaign called "This is how I Maserati".  It was easy to enter, just click a link.  And the qualifications were pretty simple "Tell us your Maserati story".  So, I did.  The registration page said they would be drawing a name and giving away a prize each week.

A few weeks later I received another email.  This time from Jim Ellis Maserati of Atlanta and it said I had won a prize.  In fact I was the first prize winner in the contest.  They gave me a link to the Maserati catalogue.  OOooh La La were those items amazing.  But...they also gave me a limit. 

I searched that catalogue about 10 times trying to find something that I really loved that fit into the budget they gave me.  I had no luck.  That's because I had already seen the gift I wanted and nothing else would compare.  So, I emailed them back and told them my dilemma.  I offered to pay the extra money to cover the total price of the gift I really wanted.  To my surprise they said, "No need, we will give you the gift you want. What is it?" 

OK, I won't keep you in suspense.  Click the link below to view my unveiling of the Maserati prize I won. Thanks Jim Ellis Maserati!