Sometimes I Forget Important Shit- so, shoot me.

In my daily pursuit of perfection I sometimes set unrealistic goals and put tremendous pressure on myself to achieve those goals.  This causes stress.  Then stress causes weird things to happen to both my body and my mind. 

So, I forget things.  I call it CRS disease.  CRS- Can't Remember Shit.  Sometimes I blame it on "old age" ha.  But, to be perfectly honest, this has been going on for more years than I can remember (no pun intended).  It even happened in college.  That is when I started making lists.  I make a list of things I need to do, every day, and I try not to go to sleep without completing every task on my list.

The worst thing I have ever forgotten is really horrible.  So horrible that it's almost embarrassing to talk about.  And the worst part of it all is that I keep forgetting it.  It's like I have a brain block now, and my brain just won't let me remember it. 

I know you are probably wondering what this horrible thing is that I keep forgetting.  Well, the thing is not horrible, it's the fact that I keep forgetting it that is.  Well, here it is..I forget my daughter's birthday.  I initially had a good reason for forgetting.  I went into labor on December 5th but, my daughter was born early the next day.  Early, like late night, early morning on the 6th.  And I was in a lot of pain without the assistance of pain meds.  I read somewhere that the female brain has the ability to block out the memory of the pain of child birth.  I actually believe that.  I don't think any woman who has a vivid memory of her time in labor would ever want to go through that again.

On her last birthday I mailed her gift early and sent her "Happy Birthday" texts on both days.  It's an inside joke.  We pretend to celebrate on both days because we actually celebrated her birthday on the wrong day until she was in the third grade.  It was her third grade teacher and the state of Massachusetts that pointed out my error.  She was taking her first standardized test, which was sent from the state with each child's name and date of birth on the test cover sheet.  The students were told to review the information for accuracy.  My daughter told her teacher that her information was incorrect.  The teacher called me and told me to contact City Hall (they printed the actual birth certificate) to get the date corrected. 

When I contacted City Hall I was adamant that I was right and they were wrong.  City Hall informed me that they received the information from the hospital.  So, I marched right up to the hospital to give them a piece of my mind.  They kindly pulled my file and showed me proof that I was admitted to the hospital on December 5th and my daughter was born on December 6th.

I had put the wrong birthdate on nearly every important document possible, insurance, medical, school, etc.  This still haunts us today.  Yesterday she called to say that her insurance claim was denied because the birth date on her insurance information is different than the date on her medical records and her driver's license.  Sigh...